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Donna G. Paul

Author, Inspirational Speaker

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I’m pleased to announce a new addition to my website. Linking our sites can mutually benefit you and me, our family, our friends and our associates. By acting as an affiliate partner of my site, for each person who buys my book upon your recommendation, I pay you a 7.5% commission.

It’s simple and easy for you—just click on the link below to fill out the form and then add a link on your website. I’ll even provide a compelling blurb about A Song in Every Silence for your customers. With its Amazon reviews receiving five stars, dozens of letters from readers, as well as the endorsements of authors like Michael Morris, Karen Spears Zacharias, Deeanne Gist, your referrals will thank you.

You’re probably asking why I’d do this when my own margins are pretty darned slim already. After all, this book is the culmination of five years’ of effort on my part. When I finally let go of a secret I’d held close to my heart for decades, I told everyone who’d stand still long enough to hear it. After about the twentieth person said, “You’re giving me goose bumps!” it dawned on me just how powerful the real message in the rest of the story was.

I didn’t write this story to make money. I put it down on paper to enable it to reach more people. Back then I wasn’t a writer, but a well-known New York agent loved my story and encouraged me to read and educate myself on the art of writing. I took all the steps necessary to learn from seminars, acclaimed authors and a few good souls willing to work with me every week. When I finished the book the second time I paid a publisher to produce a cover, professionally edit, print, distribute and market my story.

The marketing director at Tate Publishing says my sales since its release in August 2012 are very good. Still, A Song in Every Silence is such a story of hope, of longing, and resolution through God’s grace that I’m willing to continue to align myself with worthy affiliate partners to help widen the scope of its reach. And now that I’ve gotten the hang of writing I’m hoping both you and your customers like my writing enough to avail yourselves of my next book when it comes out. It’s a humorous self-help on how to stay at home and independent as long as possible.

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