A Song in Every Silence

Donna's tender memoir takes you through an ideal childhood, the confusion of her parents' divorce and goal of becoming a nurse. She submerges you in her feelings of betrayal, loneliness and shame as she found herself unmarried and pregnant in the mid sixties. Throughout the book, you'll find yourself rooting for her unwavering determination and refusals to take the easy way out. For decades, those decisions lay hidden and melting beneath her tongue like a bittersweet lozenge. The end of the story may not raise goose bumps on every arm or tears to every eye, but it will most certainly touch your heart.

Praise for A Song in Every Silence

Many people have amazing stories to tell, but not everyone can wrap wonderful words around matters of the heart, drawing us in and letting us see, hear, taste, and feel the beauty rising from the ashes of her long-dead dreams. In A Song in Every Silence, Donna Paul lets readers ride along on her journey from a hidden sorrow to a joy she shouts from the rooftops, and she paints some breathtaking views along the way. Readers will come away with a sense that there's rhyme and reason to the seemingly tragic events of our lives. Jeanne Damoff, You and Me, Sister and Parting the Waters

With her captivating voice, Donna Paul leads you on an amazing journey to discover what it feels like to give your child away, then find unexpectedly he's been searching for you–for years, something your heart could have only imagined. A tender story of unwavering, sacrificial love. Well-told, humorous, and touching. Pamela Dowd All Done With The Dashing and All Jingled Out.

A Song in Every Silence is a heart-wrenching story. Be prepared to experience a full range of emotions from tears and laughter to overwhelming compassion for the author and her son. Vickie Phelps, Author of 101 Keys for Life, Simple Pleasures, A Christmas Scrapbook, Writing 101: A Handbook of Tips and Encouragement for Writers, How to Write for the Christian Marketplace, May Christ Be the Center of Your Christmas, Star of Wonder, and 101 Things to Be Thankful For.

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