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A Song in Every Silence, Paperback Edition
A Song in Every Silence, Paperback Edition

Her heart told her that he was "Mr. Right," the man of her dreams. They met while she was in college, studying to be a nurse. The plan looked obvious--go to school, meet a good man, and raise a beautiful family. But even the best laid plans can go astray. When she was betrayed in a way she never dreamed possible, her life would be changed forever.
In this sometimes beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking memoir, author Donna Paul reveals the inner life of a woman forced to make the toughest decision of her life: giving her newborn son up for adoption. As Paul retraces the steps from her childhood to her personal tragedy to her long-sought chance for redemption and reunion, she shows us all that we can find A Song in Every Silence.
"Donna Paul's A Song in Every Silence is a poignant, heartfelt story that speaks of the unconditional love, the sacrificial resolve, and the unshakeable bond every mother has for her child--regardless of whether she's ever set eyes on him. Both the mother and the child in me hurt when Donna hurt, despaired when she despaired, and rejoiced when she rejoiced. This book is a must-read for any who have given a baby up, have been adopted, or who are contemplating terminating a pregnancy."
-Deeanne Gist Author, A Bride Most Begrudging

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