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Donna G. Paul

Author, Inspirational Speaker

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Praise From My Fellow Authors

Profoundly intimate and heart wrenching, the true story of A Song in Every Silence is fascinating. Donna faced a sad and lonely ordeal, but thirty-eight years of grim resolve led to a happy ending. I’m sure readers will find it difficult not to shed a tear or two…

—U.S. Congressman Ron Paul

Donna Paul's A Song in Every Silence is a poignant, heartfelt story that speaks of the unconditional love, the sacrificial resolve, and the unshakeable bond every mother has for her child—regardless of whether she's ever set eyes on him. Both the mother and the child in me hurt when Donna hurt, despaired when she despaired, and rejoiced when she rejoiced. This book is a must-read for any who have given a baby up, have been adopted, or who are contemplating terminating a pregnancy.

—Deeanne Gist, Bestselling Author, A Bride Most Begrudging

Donna Paul has written a raw and inspiring account of a situation that many women face. A Song in Every Silence is a journey of family secrets, loss, and redemption. I am sure that many readers will find hope and encouragement within these pages.

—Michael Morris, award-winning author of A Place Called Wiregrass and Slow Way Home

Many people have amazing stories to tell, but not everyone can wrap wonderful words around matters of the heart, drawing us in and letting us see, hear, taste, and feel the beauty rising from the ashes of her long-dead dreams. In A Song in Every Silence, Donna Paul lets readers ride along on her journey from a hidden sorrow to a joy she shouts from the rooftops, and she paints some breathtaking views along the way. Readers will come away with a sense that there's rhyme and reason to the seemingly tragic events of our lives.

—Jeanne Damoff, author of You and Me, Sister and Parting the Waters

With her captivating voice, Donna Paul leads you on an amazing journey to discover what it feels like to give your child away, then find unexpectedly he's been searching for you–for years, something your heart could have only imagined. A tender story of unwavering, sacrificial love, well-told, humorous, and touching.

—Pamela Dowd, author of All Jingled Out

A Song in Every Silence is a heart-wrenching story. Be prepared to experience a full range of emotions from tears and laughter to overwhelming compassion for the author and her son.

—Vickie Phelps, author of A Christmas Scrapbook, May Christ Be the Center of your Christmas, Simple Pleasures, 101 Things to Be Thankful For

Comments From My Readers

A Song in Every Silence is a must read. Donna is such a talented writer. She can take a serious subject and turn it into humor. Can't wait until her next book comes out. Such an inspirational person.  —Joan

I absolutely love your book! —Debbie

I read until midnight last night and LOVE the book.  Can't wait to finish it!  —Marilyn

I finished your book today! I really enjoyed reading it, and couldn't put it down. It's been therapeutic for me and an enjoyable well-written book at the same time. I am very happy for you and your family. —Stacy

I had another book in mind to start reading next. I picked yours up and read the back cover. I knew it would be the one & I was so right. I read almost half yesterday in between customers. Can’t wait to finish it. Yes, it’s a winner in my book!!! —Tiajuana

Oh my goodness! I started it last night and read three chapters before I had to put down and tend to the four grandchildren I was taking care of! It was so well written and made me feel I was right there with you... maybe it's a generational thing. Can't wait to read more tonight. —Lena

I LOVED THE BOOK! It is a very real story and today folks (especially Christians) need real. —Nancy

I finished your book this weekend... all I can say is WOW!!! I could not put the book down; every chance I had I read another chapter. Donna, this is such a wonderful, heart-touching story. I knew you were a good writer, but what I had not realized is that you are an extraordinary, extremely talented and gifted writer. You described everything in such detail, it was like being there. And, what a wonderful ending - in fact I slowed down on the last few chapters because I didn't want it to end. —Sandra

Hey— I am 90% done with your book. I LOVE it. You are soooo honest. —Debbie S.

Donna Paul’s wonderful memoir is a page turner with superb writing. As she retraces her steps from childhood toward a long-sought redemption, her story pulls at your very heartstrings until they ache. She shows us all that we can find A Song in Every Silence. I highly recommend this book. —Mary Yetta

Your book was awesome and a beautiful story because of its realness. —Brad