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Christmas Anticipation

Posted on: December 17th, 2012 by Donna 5 Comments

Christmas—the season of frenzied anticipation—is about a week away. Winter days here in East Texas start out chilly, and although their length grows shorter each week, the afternoon sun on my face is pleasantly warm as I walk to pick up the mail. The catalog avalanche burying my box since Halloween has rolled downhill to a gradual stop. Back in the office again, I open email and see on-line merchandizing still zips through cyberspace with offers of free shipping and tantalizing cautions to order by X to arrive before Christmas.

I’m too old to be shamed into decorating every nook and cranny of my home with gorgeous Christmas ornaments, Santa, reindeer, and similar paraphernalia by Thanksgiving afternoon. Or at all. On the rare occasion I venture out of my neighborhood, whether in stores large or small, I find gifts promoted as must have, newest, or best are picked over and reduced yet another few percent. The presents I bought, made, or promised are on the way to be opened elsewhere, in someone else’s time. My children are over forty, and grandchildren too far away to visit often, so it’s just sweetie and me again this year.

And as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. His coming is the reason I add the few touches I find most settling. Christmas poinsettia reflected in shiny gold placemats, fresh greenery and berries circling a fat red candle, and a small lit tabletop tree strung with tiny garlands of silver and pearls. After the sun stripes sky and lake tonight with orange and pink and blue and then slips behind the distant hills I plug in the tree. It shines while I prepare supper, waits for me through the evening, whispers and beckons as my husband retires to our bedroom.

It’s in that hour I sit in a dark room lit only by a silly little tree and reminisce and allow myself to feel all the hymns of love and joy that recount His birth. I am not frenzied, but I almost tremble in anticipation. Oh, Holy Night divine.