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Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by Donna

Looks like an acronym for yogurt, doesn’t it?  Strange how the mind works sometimes; YGTRT is my own little Twitter-type terminology for You’ve Got To Read This. I’d only add the exclamation point for something extraordinary.

Knowing me fairly well, though, I can admit that I’d use the exclamation point for the type of engaging book I’d keep reading. One hard to put down no matter how much housework I had left to do, what time my husband was due home, or even if it meant I’d have less than the thirty-five minutes I need to get showered, dressed, and out the door for an important event.

Reading is a huge part of my life. Now you know why I keep my hair short and opt for casual dress. Books are on my sun porch table, beside my chair in the living room, on my nightstand, and if not in the car, in my purse. Just ask my sweetie about the heft of my purse—or how difficult it is for him to get to the TV remote sometimes.

I know people who retain books forever. Much to my chagrin, I’m not one of them. I often can’t recall the title of a book, its author, or scenes; I just know I liked it, and hence, my stuffed library shelves. It’s one of those not so great things I inherited from my mother. She always said forgetting story details was a real blessing, though, because she could pick a book from her shelf and be more than half-way through it before it seemed a tad familiar. And even then, she’d add, “I couldn’t guess the ending.”

I’m reading at least four books this week. One about Texas history, one about grief and baking pies, one of a young woman rejected by townspeople who believe she is evil, and one about Jesus’ life. That doesn’t count the two I’ve got going in my Kindle.

Writing is lonely, frustrating, maddening, and addicting. Yet tens of thousands of us still write, search for agents and publishers, accept rejections and put ourselves right back out there for the world to judge. Even successful authors agonize that their hit might be followed by a dud. In one way or another almost every writer I know—and I know scores—prays for success.

Selling books is a hundred times more challenging than writing one. If I find a writer who moves me, or has a way with words that keeps the pages turning, I seek out his other efforts. Many, many writers are starving artists. So, if I mention a book title or author’s name on my Facebook page, or update my status, or Tweet something and it’s followed by YGTRT! I hope you read it too. Pass it along with your own YGTRTs. Maybe you and I can start something here.

My first suggestion is The Butterfly Effect—Everything You Do Matters by Andy Andrews.