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More on Aging | My heart may not be as regular, but the beat goes on

Posted on: October 28th, 2013 by Donna

One of the terrible truths about getting older comes when you realize every task takes longer to complete; even things you did almost by rote demand scrutiny. You get up in the morning feeling a considerable urge to get to the bathroom before it’s too late and discover once there, that it is a little. You make the coffee and heed your taste buds’ cries for Corn Flakes with sliced bananas. There are about 3 tablespoons of Corn Flakes left in the box. The bananas are a squishy pudding encased in black leather.

After a breakfast of a tiny bowl of cereal, a slice of toast, and weak coffee, morning sunshine beckons you to come outside. It’s been a dry summer and your stroll through the garden turns depressing. A bright pink Shasta daisy stands alone by the path. The hostas have dried up, and coleus leaves are fading beneath their lively sprigs of seed heads.  The roses are gone too.

Stubborn weeds obscure even the tallest mums. Your gloves are not in the old mailbox where you store the trowel and bulb planter. It’s best then to delay pulling weeds; you can only hope the mums get enough sunshine to bloom anyway. Fall just isn’t fall without their orange, bronze and yellows.

In fact, the only thing worthwhile in the garden is the bench waiting under the arbor. The sun feels good enough that you nod off. Some time later, you startle awake to a nagging wonder if you’ve turned off the coffee pot. Inside again, you find the coffee maker is off but the carton of cream nestles in a swath of spilled grounds on the counter.

Even though it seems odd since you just had breakfast, hunger creeps up on you as you put the cream back in the refrigerator. Perhaps it’s because you’re in the kitchen again. Then again, it’s not so odd when you look up at the clock and find it’s after 2. An egg salad sandwich sounds perfect. If only there was more than the heel of bread left…